Just what is the metaverse anyway? And why does Facebook want a slice of the meta-pie?

This Zoom discussion is for those who have already embraced the metaverse and those who are skeptical. Or even for those who have embraced it cautiously, testing and prodding, but not really trusting. As part of a globally connected culture, can we even avoid the metaverse and its impact on relationships, commerce, and culture?

As always, ping me if you need the Zoom link!

The future is coming. The future is now.

How is work going to change? How much automation is possible? How do we imagine the world of tomorrow?

In this lecture given by Aba Udofa in 2017, he highlights some trends that he sees and what he think might come next. This is part 2 of a lecture series, but he gives a great summary of his first lecture at the beginning. Click here to listen.

This lecture is a few years old, but that gives us the occasion to compare his assessment with what we see today in 2021 and what we think the future might hold.

Our Zoom discussion will be held at 4pm Eastern US/10pm Central European on September 19. Send a message if you need the link.

Kalliope Kat

Creative dabbler. Imaginator. Phoenix.

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