I spent my childhood blissfully unaware of censorship. But as I got older, I become savvy to things going on behind the scenes and the day I came across a censored Nirvana album in Walmart is still marked in my mind. I’m sure not my friends got as irate about it as I did, but it just seemed so wrong to me. Fast forward many years and now I often play the role of curator for my child (this YouTube channel, but not that one, and is this other one even age-appropriate?). Most people would say that is just me…

If the personality test exists, it’s highly probable that I’ve taken it. I’ve even taken some for work: DiSC, Birkman, some other psychological profiling thing I’ve forgotten…it might have been an in-house creation. My point is that there are so many tests out there. Are any of them useful and/or accurate? (I would answer with a “yes, but”.)

But don’t these things just put people in boxes? It’s all in how you look at it. Some are more helpful at showing tendencies, patterns, or preferences. Others might explain what sort of career you should go for, what pitfalls to look…

Vesper Stamper, in Season 2, Episode 1 of her podcast Vesperisms, speaks on the modern challenges of community and how this word is thrown about in ways that can be misleading. While this podcast is aimed at artists and their particular struggles, the idea that we actually do need other people is hardly a new one.

We feel a lot of things. And some things will even give us the feels. There’s nothing wrong with having feelings. We are emotive beings. Qualities like empathy and compassion would be impossible without feelings.

We’re not robots. We’re not machines. We can thank M. Descartes and his fellow Thinkers for leading us down that philosophical road that perhaps got us asking better questions and looking at ourselves through a new lens, but we now recognize more and more that the “human as a machine” idea falls short in explaining our complexity. …

high/low hot/cold… love/ambivalence
pulling out flour, butter, and all the stops
and my tired apron.
I will dare, dream — and possibly create,
thanks to that trusty recipe from
a friend’s mom, a renown baker,
… at least in her circle.

Will I ever measure up?
The next heaping cup?
Or under-cooked, imperfect, and raw,
a cliché cookie in the land of cheesecake.

I measure, mix, bake…
and hope.

I really do have a funny relationship with baking. I love it, but find it exhausting and always taking longer than I think it should.

So today I baked things I’ve…

Throughout history, it has been far more common to stay close to family. In some places, sometimes the original house has been made bigger or there was a new one constructed nearby. Children might grow up with extended family and the family business is handed down from one generation to the next. While it is often still the case, there is also the feeling that we live in a transient world. We can potentially grow up in one place, attend university in another, and seek a job somewhere else altogether. One business might merge with another and employees have to…

I haven’t always liked coffee. In fact, the coffee shop came first and then the coffee. I still go back to this coffee shop whenever I can because there’s something about that place. The coffee is excellent, the cakes are homemade and the atmosphere is always just right. If you know what I’m talking about, then you should consider joining us for our next discussion, which will center around a lecture that is all about coffee, presented by theologian David Richter and Denis Haack, editor of ‘Critique’.

It’s a talk that covers the history of coffee, how it brings people…

“This talk discusses what sociologist, Max Weber coined as “disenchantment” and the human need for reverence.⁣ The basic idea is this: Around the turn of the century, society as a whole moved from a religious framework to a scientific narrative of human life. But after a century of living inside this paradigm, the human heart is ever more hungry for the deeper, spiritual dimensions of life.
Enter the artist.
⁣What does it mean to sit with the mystery and what is the artist’s role in bringing “re-enchantment” to a world wrought with hyper-rationalism and devoid of ecstatic experience? ⁣
⁣What if…

“The Social Sciences have become central in the way people think about our times and the issues of the day. Its constitution and origin as a science need to be understood if we are to reflect on the roots of the contemporary social movements. Besides, as we go deeper into its roots we may come to a clearer perspective on how meaning is framed within the modern times. So, this lecture will explore its history and impact on ideas and its consequences for the way we experience reality.” — Josué Reichow

This might seem like an odd choice, given that…

The smell alone:
Many summers, many days;
Treats from the gas station.
This taste:
Feeling loved,
Back porch chats.

The years pass.
Gone, your
Blue gaze over the top
Of your glasses and
Wily smile.

A simple sweet
Broke my heart,
Made me feel again.
I savored every bite.

Kalliope Kat

Creative dabbler. Imaginator. Phoenix.

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